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Monday, November 7, 2011

Kimchi Poised to Take America by Storm [Arirang Today]

The kimchi class was SOOO much fun! I learned so much! Chef Isabella is a great teacher, and everyone -- all the staff at Hansong Buffet (1925 Olympic Blvd., LA) -- was super friendly and helpful! Then to actually be a part of this episode when they came to film Jackie and me making kimchi at home -- wow! Please share -- help kimchi go worldwide viral! Gamsahamnida!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some Poems with Korean Imagery

It was suggested that I share some of my poetry with Korean imagery on the Hallyu Surfers LA blog.
Hope you enjoy the poems below!

Koguryo's* Skies

The only twins in heaven, you and I,

Born within one lotus blossom

Beneath Koguryo’s skies.

Cranes encircle us, phoenixes rise,

One thousand, four hundred sixty-seven stars

Light up Koguryo’s skies.

Blessings through eternity were never great as this

From the darkness, hearts of ash

Reignited with a kiss.

Why are we together here amid the petals fair

Was our love so much stronger

Or just a sweet and simple prayer?

The only twins in heaven, caught up in love’s surprise

Create a new constellation

In Koguryo’s ancient skies.

* Koguryo, ancient Korea, was ruled by 27 kings from 300 BC to 700 AD. Paintings from that period depict identifiable constellations – with 1,467 stars – and present a view of the afterlife, with individuals being born in a lotus blossom. Of the paintings found, only one depicted a couple within the blossom

Korean Tea Offerings

I try to offer him tea properly

Left hand touching my right forearm

Honoring him, humbling myself, a little

The small, round cup rests freely on his open hand

His other hand lightly covers the front, protecting it -

The way I’ve always wanted to be held

He swirls the tea counterclockwise,

Releasing chestnut and pomegranate, pine pollen and honey;

The earthenware translates my warmth into his hand.

Three sips, four sips, done

He doesn’t drink my whole heart

He leaves some for me

Love has always been a too sweet grande mochaccino

This is so simple: a few sips of tea

I like it

On Learning Korean

Consonants stick inside my mouth,

Sweet hard candies clicking against my teeth

-imnidas and –imnikkas

tickle my tongue

Sounds sneak out

Whispers barely leaving my lips:

Ka ja - Let’s go

Can I say it soft enough for you to go with me?

If you say it - you know the right way -

Softer than human speech should sound,

Nae- Yes - Ka yo

I will go with you.


Wikipedia definition: Ondol is a traditional Korean underfloor heating system for indoor climate control similar in principle to a Roman hypocaust. The main components are a fireplace or stove (also used for cooking) located below floor level, a heated floor underlayed by horizontal smoke passages, and a vertical chimney to provide a draft.

I aspire to be ondol, emanating warmth

I welcome you across the threshold

Remove your shoes

Slide your slippered feet across me -

The sole caress I crave

Lie down, curl up against me, sleep

I feel your heartbeat

I hear your deep, even breathing

Your dreams drift down to me, through me

I’m happy

My pleasure warms the entire length of you

I know your early morning footsteps

And later – such a sigh! -

You polish me with a clean white cloth,

Caring for me on your hands and knees

Though I ache a little as you dust away each footprint

Posted by Sharon Allerson

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Performances from the Korean Music Festival 2011!

So much fun -- so many great performances! Can't wait till next year's concert!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Dream High Flash Mob @ Goyang City for Episode 16 (Distant view so not a spoiler)

From youtube.... So cool -- wish I could've seen this flash mob dance scene in person!  I LOVED Dream High!   So glad I watched it even though at first I was disappointed that Bae Yong Jun wasn't in the whole drama.  All the young stars were fantastic!  I loved JYP (Park Jin-young) in this, too!  Before I wasn't such a fan of his, but his character in this drama was so endearing.  Now I think he's very cool!  :)

2011 Korean Music Festival @ Hollywood Bowl was Fantastic!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Praying for the Victims of the Earthquake in Japan

The devastation left behind the earthquake and tsunamis in Japan is heartbreaking!  Our sincere condolences to those who have lost loved ones and to those who find that suddenly they must rebuild homes, workplaces...and lives.  Our thoughts and prayers are with them! 

The Japanese American Cultural and Community Center (http://www.jaccc.org/) has posted a beautiful message of support.  They also stated: For those of you trying to locate someone, Japanese or American, or if you have information about someone that you would like to share, please visit the Google Crisis Response site at: http://www.google.co.jp/intl/en/crisisresponse/japanquake2011.html.

Hopefully, everyone will be able to be in touch with family and friends soon!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Cham Cham Cham's Acorn Jelly Salad

I just thought you might be wondering what Jackie and I had for lunch at the Koreatown Galleria food court.  I had the acorn jelly salad at Cham Cham Cham.  Aju mashee-so-yo!  (Very delicious!)  We actually called our friend, Elisa, to help us order.  As I handed my cell phone to the friendly woman behind the counter, saying please talk to my friend, the woman, confused, asked, "Who is it?"   I'm sure she thought we were really strange, but she was very kind and patient!  I don't really know what transpired between  Elisa and the woman, but I got my delicious acorn jelly salad. 

Since it was the second time I was ordering this, I figured that I should do a little research.  What was I actually eating when I swallowed acorn jelly?  Here's a link to a fascinating article on ACORNS, "What the Squirrels Know: Acorns for Dinner," from the NY Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/13/dining/13acorn.html.  Also, here's the link to the recipe for acorn jelly, dotorimuk: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/13/dining/13acornrex.html.  (Note: I will go back to get the name of my salad and will edit this post!!  I was too hungry --no-mu bae-go-pah-yo! -- to take good notes!)

Jackie enjoyed a wonderful beef and cabbage soup from another place at the other end of the food court.  Again, honestly, I was too hungry to take good notes!!  I promise I'll do better!  Thankful for a delicious, healthy lunch with a great friend followed by great music (OSTs from dramas -- see previous post)!!

Important phrases: Aju mashee-so-yo!  (Very delicious!)  Nomu bae go pah yo!  (I'm too hungry!)

Secret Garden ~ That Woman (rom/eng sub)

After a frustrating week-end of trying to catch the screenings at the USC Korean Film Festival and missing "Hello, Ghost" -- twice! -- at CGV Cinemas in LA, Jackie (also a Korean drama aficionada!) and I had a great lunch in the food court at the Koreatown Galleria and then went shopping! We got the OSTs for "Secret Garden" and "You're Beautiful" at Choice Music (Koreatown Galleria, 3250 W. Olympic, #323, LA). She has "You're Beautiful" now, and I have "Secret Garden." She challenged me to write out the Korean words -- but I suggested we check on Youtube. Thank you, Youtube! Noraebang, here we come!

Friday, February 18, 2011

USC's Korean Film Festival: Future Directions in Korean Cinema -- Starts Today at USC!

USC's Korean Film Festival: "Future Directions in Korean Cinema" begins today with a screening of Penguin.  See the complete schedule below.  All screenings are free and held in the Norris Theater, USC.

Friday, February 18

Fly, Penguin @ 5:00 PM

Secret Sunshine @ 7:00 PM

Saturday, February 19

Like a Virgin @ 5:00 PM

Hwang Jin Yi @ 7:00 PM

Sunday, February 20

The Happy Life @ 3:00 PM

Panel Discussion @ 5:00 PM

Reception @ 6:00 PM

200 Pounds Beauty @ 7:00 PM

For more information: http://college.usc.edu/ksi/event/index.cfm.

NEW: Added RSS Feed from the Exciting New KOREA BLOG

If you look at the top right corner, prominently displayed, you'll see the first ever RSS feed I've added!  I just found out about The Korea Blog, an official blog of the Korean government.  This blog will share and promote Korean culture globally!  Very exciting!!  I love finding out more information about Korean culture and cultural events -- now it'll be even easier with this great new blog!  GO KOREA!! 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Last night I was up till 3 am watching "Secret Garden"!

"Secret Garden" stars Hyun Bin ("My Lovely Samsoon") and Ha Ji Won  ("Damo")! Here's a music video of clips from the drama.  The song is  "Call Your Name"  by Daughtry. 


This content is not yet available over encrypted connections.

Favorite Restaurants (mostly Korean)

Just adding now: Tender Greens (9523 Culver Blvd., Culver City): http://www.tendergreensfood.com/

Banchan a la Carte (141 N. Western, LA): http://losangeles.citysearch.com/profile/45654877/?brand=smx_restaurant-nc Enjoyed their delicious chap chae with grilled veggies!

San Ya (2897 W. Olympic Bl. between Normandie and Vermont - exact cross street is Fedora): They have an 'unlimited' special for $14 right now.

***ChoSun Galbee Korean BBQ : http://www.chosungalbee.com/

***BCD Tofu House:



***Dong Il Jang Restaurant (3455 W. 8th St., LA): http://la.foodblogging.com/2006/01/21/korean-bbq/

***Bon Juk Porridge Shop: near Kingsley and Wilshire

***Mu Dung San Restaurant: http://www.ktownsearch.net/details.asp?id=230

***Cafe MAK: See link below in "Sweet Spots"

Recommended Sweet Spots:

***Union Bakery in South Pasadena (1138 Fair Oaks at Monterey Road): http://www.insiderpages.com/b/3711088944

***Bulgarini Gelato in Altadena: http://www.bulgarinigelato.com/

***Vanille in San Marino: http://www.insiderpages.com/b/3710358077

***Perfectly Sweet in Alhambra: http://www.cityofalhambra.org/about/dining/Sweet.html

***Cafe MAK in LA: http://losangeles.citysearch.com/profile/42539398/?brand=smx_restaurant-nc

***Jin Patisserie in Venice (recommended-can't wait to go there!):http://www.jinpatisserie.com/

A Persistent Passion: Episode Two

By Sharon Allerson

Episode One (Re-Cap):

Two summers ago, our heroine found “My Lovely Sam-Soon” while channel-surfing, and “tiny” Korea jumped off the map and into her life! From “Sam-Soon,” she went on to “Winter Sonata,” and moved from awareness and fascination to…..love, not just for Bae Yong Jun, but for Korea itself! During that year, she watched dozens of Korean dramas, sharing her newfound love with her family and friends. Most got hooked, staying up till 4 or 5 a.m. to watch DVDs she lent them. (You’re reading this, so you understand!)

She made new friends, too: Choonhee, the librarian at her college, and June and Wally (aka Yun-Suk), owners of a neighborhood bakery. They tried to teach her to say “Anyeong Haseyo” and “Gamsahamnida,” but her tongue tripped badly on the new sounds. Given our heroine’s bigger, better world view, she wanted to learn more. When Choonhee recommended the Korean classes at the Los Angeles Korean Cultural Center (KCC), our heroine’s addiction was about to lead her way beyond her TV……

Episode Two: Close-up of our heroine, during break at Korean language class, awkwardly picking up kimbap with chopsticks.

“But how did you become so interested in Korean dramas, Sharon?” That was Jenny, a communications major from Singapore, just finishing her degree in L.A.

“I don’t know. I just started watching and knew,” I replied as I grabbed a napkin, “knew that true love still exists somewhere in Korea.”

“Oh, Sharon,” she said, evidently concerned about my delusional state. I shrugged, smiled, and we both laughed.

They say that something is love made visible. I don’t remember. Maybe it’s Korean dramas. I do remember another thing people say about love - that it isn’t just a feeling; it’s an action. This past year, I know I moved past the feeling part of loving Korea to the action. As I summarize all of these changes, I will probably amaze myself!

A year ago, when I started studying Korean at KCC, people asked, even KCC asked on the application, why I wanted to learn Korean. All I could say was that I wanted to know more, to understand. In just a few weeks, I was amazed - I could read! I went from not knowing if a storefront sign was in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, to knowing it was hangeul, and I was able to sound it out. I didn’t know what it meant – but I could read! Now I have some basic conversation skills and am building my vocabulary. I can say: Hangook drama-reul sarang hamnida! (I love Korean dramas!)

Korean language classes were just the start! This spring, I attended KCC’s Korean Entertainment lecture series and learned more about Korean dramas, film, and animation. At the last lecture, I got the names and contact info of people who wanted to keep meeting to discuss Korean films and dramas and to explore other avenues of Korean culture – especially those avenues in nearby Koreatown! I’ve organized several gatherings for the “Hallyu Surfers” to have dinner, see films and attend cultural events – surfing the Korean Wave together! I now have my favorite Korean food – bibimbap – and favorite places to go – Chosun Galbee and Café MAK, where Elisa helps me with Korean! This new leadership role has been good for me – and so much fun! I’ve made some wonderful friends! I’ve also delved deeper into Korean film, doing some research to help prepare for a possible lecture series, even contacting scholars about participating and being delighted by their positive response! Perhaps they, too, crave more opportunities to talk about Korea!

I’ve attended KCC’s art exhibit openings, tea ceremonies, and musical performances. Images related to my experiences with Korean culture now appear in my writing. I hadn’t realized that the connection being formed was so deep. Several poems later, I was writing one screenplay about a kidnapping in Korea and another about a young woman who leaves Jeju Island in the 50s for Seoul and meets a young American soldier – someone like my dad, who actually served in Japan. That story, entwined with my own family’s history, further deepens the connection with Korea.

As I’ve continued to learn more, I’ve gained the wisdom to know that this “Persistent Passion” is not a five-episode drama, like “Freeze.” It’s an epic, like “Dae Jang Geum,” that will have more twists and turns than I can imagine. In fact, just this week I started my first blog, where I share some of my Korean-inspired poetry. I foresee a serious addiction to managing the online discussion on all things Korean!

Back when I was just “in love,” not actively loving and courting Korea, I had this fantasy: Bae Yong Jun would thank me for writing such a great screenplay for him, and I would – oh so eloquently thank him for touching my heart in “Winter Sonata.” Adapting that drama’s metaphor of finding your home in the heart of your true love, I would say something like, “Invisible walls were knocked down as I watched ‘Winter Sonata,’ and my heart grew and grew! Now my heart isn’t just your house, it’s your summer palace, big enough to hold all of Korea – North and South! – and even most of Asia! You can come visit whenever Seoul gets too darn hot!”

Since that fantasy, when an eager fan waited in a breezy, elegant, empty palace for her Yonsama, things have changed. As you can see, I have less time for all my dramas – though I still watch them and continue to get my friends addicted! Now I am busy with a real connection to Korea, one that started out in stories about love, loss, family and friendship in a culture I knew so little about. Once I watched, however, I understood, and it became a part of me. I am so thankful. I wasn’t bad before, but now I am so much better! And if Bae Yong Jun comes to visit his summer palace, he will have to wander the crowded hallways to find me among all the people I’ve come to know and love. When he finds me, of course, I will give him a big hug – one of those “Korean hugs,” when usually the guy pulls the girl close to him, and suddenly they know how much they mean to each other. Then, I’ll say “gamsahamnida, oppa!” - - and let him go....

Bae Yong Jun watches as our heroine walks over to the TV in the palace living room and turns it off so her friends can talk. He is suddenly grabbed by Auntie Lourdes, who looks like she’s going to faint! “When I watched you in ‘Untold Scandal,’ I – I – can’t breathe!” She collapses in his arms! A beautiful young Asian woman, Michelle, rushes over to help. Bae Yong Jun looks on as Michelle revives the older woman. Michelle looks up, and Bae Yong Jun gives a start as he gazes into her eyes. A look of recognition? His long lost sister? A reunion of souls destined to meet? Be sure to watch Episode Three of “A Persistent Passion”……